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Laser Photofacial

Improves skin texture and tone, smoothes wrinkles, diminishes brown spots, evens out texture caused by acne, or scars, and can minimize skin tags. In short, this procedure erases those factors that add years to our appearance, restoring youthful vitality. Best of all, skin resurfacing does all this with minimal down time. It is based on the principle of micro thermal treatment zones. The laser pulses create tiny ablative zones, removing the epidermis and upper dermis. The treatment then triggers the body’s natural healing process, stimulating the growth of new healthy skin tissue.

We will help to determine the ideal treatment for your needs, generally 3-5 treatments at four week intervals.

You will feel a sunburn effects & slight swelling for a day or two Right after treatment. As new skin replaces dead tissue, your skin may flake for a few days, a sign that healing is underway. Your skin will look better immediately, and will steadily improve over the next few months.